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Combined Services Working Together
Cowden’s exceptional, interactive approach is what sets us apart from similar consulting firms. To deliver a tailored resolution to your specific needs, we first identify the overall attributes exclusive to your Fund. We build an understanding of your Fund by asking questions, observing and listening. In this manner you are not merely receiving a pre-fabricated answer, rather a unique solution for your circumstances. Cowden is unique in that, our practices of compensation, benefits, and retirement work jointly to provide a total compensation approach to our clients understanding of their benefit programs – how they work together and how changes reflect within an organization, across their benefit programs. We fully understand that success within the trade and union, depends on the balance between strong, well-funded fringe benefits and a competitive wage package that builds projects with union labor. We focus on helping Boards understand the stress points of the various benefit programs, so that they can best allocate money to the benefit fund that provides the greatest value for both the Union member and the Employer.

Fund Benefits

  • Contract Negotiation Assistance
  • Cross Funding
  • Welfare Fund Actuarial Services
  • Pension Fund Disability Benefit Services

Ongoing Financial Evaluation & Forecasting

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