Participant Education & Communication


The best designed plans will fail if not properly communicated. Education is a key in investment decisions, but in many cases, defined contribution plan participants are not equipped with the knowledge necessary to make sound choices. Far too few people understand how to invest their money and many do not have sufficient data on their available investments to make informed selections.

Cowden Associates, Inc. (Cowden) can guide you and your employees through the investment process from an overview of investment strategy to in-depth discussions of specific issues for 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plans. We educate employees in the basics of investing: how to participate in the plan, how much to contribute and how to invest appropriately. Training is tailored to the specifics of your plan, with careful consideration given to how your investment options can best benefit participants.

Cowden can also assist companies in preparing communications to employees and provide education for managers regarding the new program and other related assistance. We can support companies in implementing any newly developed defined contribution programs.