Case Studies


Retirement Redesign Case Study

Company was facing rising pension costs while also experiencing lower reimbursements from Medicare.  The outcomes were as follows: Read more

Retirement Risk Transfer Utilizing Annuity Purchase

A not-for-profit’s frozen, defined benefit plan still had over 100 participants 20 years after the plan freeze.  Over 80% of the participants were inactive, and two-thirds of those were actively receiving pension payments.  Additionally, HR received returned, undeliverable mail for some participants; the unfunded pension liability figured significantly on financial statements; and PBGC premiums were projected to rise in the future. Read more

De-risking a Pension Plan via Terminated Vested Lump Sum Program

A large not-for profit healthcare organization was looking to freeze its defined benefit pension program as pension costs were increasing.  The plan also had a large and growing number of terminated vested participants, and the HR department was having a harder and harder time keeping track of these participants.  Annual funding notices were being returned as undeliverable and follow-up steps to locate these participants entailed the use of locator services, which added to the expense of the plan.  In addition, PBGC premiums were increasing year over year.  With interest rates changing annually, the pension liability on the hospital’s financial statements had become very volatile.  Read more