Labor Management


Approaching The Table With the Goal of a Successful Conclusion

Collective bargaining negotiations can be a stressful and tension-filled process for both sides of the table. Cowden Associates, Inc. is aware of not only the time and effort involved with such negotiations, but the importance as well.

We provide strategic advisory services to clients involved in collective bargaining negotiations, helping them prepare for, as well as actually engage in those negotiations. Historically, our involvement includes the following:

  • Assisting a client prior to the commencement of negotiations, developing economic proposals and determining the estimated cost and liability impact;
  • Assisting a client during the actual negotiations with preparation of responses to various proposals, as well as modification of initial client proposals as needed;
  • Evaluating health, benefit and retirement plan alternatives for active and retired employees; and
  • Once any agreement is reached, working with a client in communicating new plans, as well as providing implementation assistance.

We welcome your inquiries about Cowden Associates, Inc. and look forward to introducing you to our services and professionals.