Case Studies

Health and Welfare Redesign and Union Negotiation Case Study

A not-for-profit group was facing union negotiations and an overall renewal increase that well exceeded the group’s budgeted increase for all of its Health and Welfare programs.  Cowden was asked to assist the group in meeting three core objectives:  (1) meet their budget, (2) maintain their philosophy of offering an affordable, comprehensive benefit package and (3) avoid a work stoppage.  Read more

Company Medical Cost Increase Case Study

A large, for-profit public company was unable to absorb a cost increase to their medical program for the upcoming plan year.  The company has over 5,000 employees covered under a self-insured funding arrangement.  Employees are offered three medical plan choices with contributions varying by plan and salary level.  The company’s long-term benefits strategy is to maintain comprehensive and competitive benefit offerings.  Read more

Welfare Fund Turnaround Case Study

A local area Welfare Fund faced a Fund Balance of approximately $1 million, which had been steadily declining.  The $1 million represented less than seven months of reserves of its benefits costs.  The Fund Balance was half of what it was four years prior and the reserve months were at its lowest level in the history of the Fund.  Read more

Health Care Consortium Case Study

Rising health plan costs for teachers, school administrators and other employees have placed increasing pressures on already shrinking school budgets.  School districts want to continue to offer top quality benefits to their employees but are hindered by budgetary constraints limiting which limit their ability to absorb increases in their health care costs.  Also, school districts are often limited in the changes that can be made, due to collective bargaining agreements, thus reducing additional cost savings that may be achieved.  Read more