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Calculating Employee Lifetime Value

Your company’s talent are perhaps its most important and most valuable assets.  Of course, you want to hire the best candidates and train them so that they eventually become even more valuable to your business. But, you can also improve retention by investing in your workers’ well-being, with compensation, as well as health, and retirement

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Faster, Better: Efficiency Through Technology

Throughout human history, people have used innovative tools to make things that were once difficult and complicated easier and simpler. Languages, the printing press, computers, and networks: all were created to make it easier to share, store, and recall information. Today, with so much of our daily business based on managing ever larger amounts of

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Implementing a Compensation Strategy to Attract Top Talent

A job is more than just a paycheck. While the salary range on the job listing will draw a job seeker’s attention, today’s workers are looking for more than just base pay. Insurance, paid time off, retirement: these are things that the top talents want more than a little extra money. Having a diverse compensation

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Why You Need Compensation Benchmarks

When you are looking to hire new talent for an open position, how do you determine the right compensation for the job? Obviously, you must set it within a range that works with your budget. But how do you know if you’re spending too much or offering so little that the best applicants won’t even

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Promoting a Wellness Program to Address Rising Health Plan Costs

While you may not be able to stop health costs from rising, there are ways savvy employers can avoid spending more on health care for their employees. Instead of addressing and paying for health care when expensive problems arise, you and your employees can get ahead with preventative health care programs or strategies. By implementing

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Breathe Easier: Help Your Employees Quit Smoking

The modern American workplace is home to a curious ritual: the smoke break. Is there any other habit that employers indulge that lowers productivity and endangers health more than tobacco use? Smoking costs more than $300 billion each year in the United States. Much of that cost comes in the form of higher medical bills.

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Spectrum of Pension Risk Management Options

One of the most important parts of a compensation strategy are retirement benefits. Your employees want to know that they’ll be financially secure when they stop working. Offering competitive retirement benefits allows your employees to focus on their work and productivity without worrying about the future. With an effective retirement strategy, you can draw in

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What Does Retirement Really Cost?

Thinking about retirement is often scarier than it should be. Retirement should be a celebration of an individual’s accomplishments. After years of hard work, a person can finally relax and enjoy some well-deserved time for themselves. However, many people find they are unprepared for the costs of retirement and can’t enjoy or think about it

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Avoiding Open Enrollment Nightmares

While open enrollment is a crucial part of a benefits program, anyone involved with the open enrollment process will have nightmare stories to share. Workers are often confused or simply don’t want to spend the time to make their selections. They make poor choices or skip enrollment, and consequences echo throughout the rest of the

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Offering One-Time Lump Sums for Defined Benefit Plans

Defined benefit plans are attractive to employees because they offer the security of steady income after retirement. But these plans come with costs to the employer, as the company must manage investments and pay for administrative costs and government insurance protection. In some cases, it can make more sense for the employer to offer a

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