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Attractive Employee Perks: What’s Hot Now (and What Works)

When it comes to employee benefits, you have a clear path on what to offer top talent. Repeated studies have shown some of the most important benefits to offer in order to remain competitive are:Health InsurancePaid Time OffParental LeaveRetirement PlansTuition AssistanceBut when it comes to perquisites—the layer of icing on top of the benefits cake—you

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Should You Invest in Standing Desks?

In the last few years, standing ­desks – or height adjustable desks – have become very popular among workers for their purported health benefits. But do they make sense as an investment by employers? How could they impact your business?­Health Benefits to EmployeesThe average office worker sits for nearly 6 hours each workday. This can

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Developing a Compensation Plan for a Nonprofit

When most people think of a nonprofit, they are probably thinking of a charity or other company established to provide a public benefit. These organizations are covered under section 501(c) of the tax code, which governs how the organization’s earnings may be distributed to its employees and executives. When establishing or expanding your nonprofit, you

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Benefits Check-Up: Do You Know What You Are Paying Your Benefits Advisor?

As we are working with prospects on new business opportunities, we are often asked how we are compensated for the services we are going to provide.  Have you ever questioned your benefits advisor on the compensation they earn as a broker/consultant for your company?  Has someone on your executive team ever asked what you pay

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Anticipating Benefits Risk with Predictive Analysis: The Cowden Advantage

On the surface, predictive analytics technology sounds too good to be true. After all, it is software that tries to predict the future by studying the past and the present. This idea isn’t so far-fetched. In fact, you likely use predictive analytics all the time. Whenever you project next quarter’s sales or recommend a product

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Ensuring Employees Take Advantage of Benefits

Your company’s benefit package and perks were assembled to incentivize and take care of your employees. However, many employees overlook these benefits; from sick days to health plans to retirement accounts. How can your company encourage employees to reap the full rewards of their hard work?It is important to first understand why many employees do

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Communicating Force Reduction

Perhaps the hardest thing for any management team to do is to take a hard look at the economic realities of their business and decide how to bring the company’s workforce in line with revenue. This is a difficult process, and it creates stress for everyone involved.When your company must conduct a reduction in force,

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Identifying Leaders and Top Performers Among Your Employees

Every employer wants to have a workforce of smart, dedicated employees who give their all for the company. But the truth is, some workers offer more, work harder, and excel beyond their peers. They may achieve this through natural talent or plain hard work, but there are some traits that all top performers share. If

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Complying with Pay Equity Law

The Equal Pay Act was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy on June 10, 1963. Kennedy remarked in his speech upon signing the Act that the average woman earned only 60% of the average of a man. Even though that was more than 50 years ago, companies still have trouble complying with the

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Calculating Employee Lifetime Value

Your company’s talent are perhaps its most important and most valuable assets.  Of course, you want to hire the best candidates and train them so that they eventually become even more valuable to your business. But, you can also improve retention by investing in your workers’ well-being, with compensation, as well as health, and retirement

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