Executive & Board Compensation


With over 20 years of experience, Cowden Associates, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing independent advice to Compensation Committees and their senior management. We specialize in the development of performance-driven, comprehensive compensation programs that are directly linked to the economic value of the business enterprise while remaining fully compliant with SEC, IRS and state requirements. We also advise shareholders on designing committee member compensation programs that attract and retain high performing members. Our services include:

  • Compensation philosophy development
  • Peer group design, selection and modeling
  • Competitive pay and proxy analysis
  • Incentive design: aligning salary and bonus models to short and long-term business objectives
  • Performance measurement and benchmark selection
  • Documentation, drafting of plan documents, grant letters and disclosure requirements
  • Executive benefits and supplementary retirement income
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation and capital accumulation programs design and analysis
  • Development of stock option plans
  • Executive stock purchase arrangements
  • Restricted stock, performance shares and other forms of full value stock grants
  • Development, negotiation and drafting of senior executive employment contracts, severance agreements,┬áchange-in-control arrangements, and other special plans, including retention bonus plans
  • Board of Director compensation services
  • Participant communication

We design and implement innovative approaches that ensure executive and Board plans are compliant, cost-effective and competitive.

We welcome your inquiries about Cowden Associates, Inc. and look forward to introducing you to our services and professionals.