Case Studies


For-Profit Compensation

Cowden provided consulting services, including a market review of base compensation levels for an Energy Company; conducted a market review to the top five executives of a financial institution; completed a compensation study to an environmental consulting organization and provided a comprehensive compensation and benefit plan review to a nursing educational institution.  Read more

Not-For-Profit Compensation

Cowden conducted a compensation study and review of current job evaluations for an Alumni Association; provided a market review to the Executive Compensation Committee of a Community family for the intellectually disabled; conducted a base pay structure for a state employees credit union and performed a review of the competitiveness of base compensation for a faith-based retirement community.  Read more

Skilled-based Compensation

An international manufacturing Company recognized the need to ascertain the reasonableness of their total compensation, as compared to current market data, and to have equitable and competitive salary ranges and salary grades for their staff, while having the flexibility to provide specialized training for employees, and reward those who obtained such skills. Read more

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