Retiree Medical/Life Analysis


In today’s environment, companies are struggling to find the balance between providing adequate levels of benefits for current and future retirees with reasonable costs. Cowden Associates, Inc. provides the following analytical services:

  • Review of the entire existing medical and life insurance programs for current retirees in order to determine what alternatives exist that would make the plans more effective. This process includes a detailed examination of plan designs, administration, funding and communications.
  • Analysis of the existing contribution levels for current hourly retirees. We review the historical methodology utilized in applying contribution levels and determine if a more efficient approach could be applied.
  • Determination of options that should be considered for future retirees (including those who are currently retirement eligible) in order to determine if an alternate plan or plans should be considered.
  • Determination of options that should be considered for new hires.

Our analysis of each of these phases details the impact on the company from a financial statement basis (P&L and balance sheet), cash-flow and taxes. Furthermore, our analysis includes a review of the impact of any proposed changes on current and future retirees. Where the analysis indicates change, we will provide you with expertise and assistance implementing alternate programs.

We welcome your inquiries about Cowden Associates, Inc. and look forward to introducing you to our services and professionals.